Energy Trading for Companies who Care

We help our clients to improve performance, competitiveness and profits by optimising the management of their energy portfolio and CO2 emissions.

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Renewable Energy

Collection and dispatch services for renewable energy producers

Collection and dispatch services for renewable energy producers



EUA, CER and ERU trading and specialist consultancy

For ETS industrial plants: we simplify the Emission Trading Scheme participation and we reduce the participation costs.


Carbon Offsets

Trading of VER carbon credits for carbon neutrality and carbon management projects

CO2 Emission compensation for Green Marketing and Corporate Climate Responsibility projects.



Trading of energy efficiency certificates (white certificates), green certificates, guarantees of origin.

We ensure rapid access to market thanks to OTC contracts


We are a professional operator active in all the main European energy markets

We provide competitive offers on the products we negotiate


Analysis and optimisation of portfolios for our counterparts

We build bespoke solutions based on the use of standard, structured products

Trading Desk

One of the most innovative and highest performing in Italy, the EcoWay trading desk is the centre of our strategy. We operate across energy, gas, oil, CO2 and FX and we have a presence in all the main markets: EEX; ICE; Italian Power Exchange (IPEX); JAO.

The dedicated professionals working on the desk oversee a range of cutting-edge services aimed at meeting the needs of its clients in Italy and around Europe.


Guido Busato


Elisabetta Rossignoli

Managing Director

About us

EcoWay was set up in 2003 by founding members Guido Busato and Elisabetta Rossignoli. Our journey began in the climate change sector as we helped companies and institutions to implement industrial and financial strategies and ensure compliance with CO2 emissions via consultancy, management and carbon trading services.

In 2005, we set up the first CO2 trading desk in Italy and the company quickly became the national leader in the EU-ETS market. Over more than ten years, we have consolidated our position as the Italian market leader in the CO2 sector, helping over 500 companies to participate in the EU-ETS scheme while broadening our scope of action to the international sphere.

Having achieved impressive results, in 2014 we produced a strategic activity development plan. Today, EcoWay boasts a trading desk operating across all energy commodities. It is one of the most innovative and dynamic of its kind in Europe. We are a key player in the collection and dispatch of renewable energy and we’re continuing to increase our range of services in order to help industrial organisations and energy producers to participate correctly in the environmental and energy markets.


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